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Pessach in Cancun
How is this year different than other years? In every other year, you have to figure out your own food arrangements in Cancun. This year, "kulanu mesubim" in the KosherLuxus Glatt kosher restaurant!

Feel really a "Bnei Chorim", Choose any hotel for your preference and dine with us !!!

Our Glatt kosher restaurant provides
  • Pesach Seder night, Yom Tov, and chol hamoed.
  • Royal Shabbos menu.
  • Special prices for groups.
  • Special deals with hotels.
  • Minyan and mikvah services.
  • Glatt Koshe L'Mehadrin, Non Gebrucht, Hand & Machine Shmura Matza Exclusively.
  • Kashrut supervision by Rabbi Iosef Maleh of the Mosdot Kaf - Mexico. All the meat certified by. Magen David Mexico. Full-time mashgiach on the premises.

Limited number of spots still available. Book now +1 718 355 8500 Or our number in Mexico:+52 998 883 3954 ext 651, +52 998 883 0949
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